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Between Never and Forever | Shain Rose

Between Never and Forever | Shain Rose

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As my best friend’s brother, Dex Hardy has always been my downfall—older, forbidden, and completely irresistible.

Our paths were never supposed to cross, but they tangled irrevocably during those summer nights where we exchanged forevers and I love yous under the stars.

In secret.

He knew it had to be that way.

Yet, he betrayed our relationship the moment he made it public. So I left him brokenhearted in order to save us both.

Years later, to help my family financially, I signed a six-month contract to perform within the Black Diamond Resort and Casino. It should be easy.

But Dex Hardy is now the cold, ruthless billionaire tycoon who owns it.

And he wants revenge.

When he finds out I have a ring on my finger, he makes his own deal with me:

Leave a man I don't love and get engaged to him instead. Or else.

Six months of calling Dex my fiancé … even if he stares at me with hardened eyes.

Six months of ignoring his electrifying touches and pretending I don’t love him … when I still do.

The problem with faking this engagement is I’m starting to believe in forever with him. Yet, as more truths come to light, my fiancé may never want that with me again.

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