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Brightest Light of Sunshine | Lisina Coney

Brightest Light of Sunshine | Lisina Coney

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An emotional friends-to-lovers romance between a tattoo artist who steps in to take care of his baby sister and his sister's ballet teacher, who is ready to start healing from her past. Perfect for readers who love friendships that slowly turn into more, relatable main characters, and happy endings.

“As much about moving on from adversity—without pretending it can be forgotten—as it is a love story.”
 -Kirkus Reviews

Determined to walk away from a traumatic past, 22-year-old Grace Allen feels ready to take the next step in her healing journey and dip a toe into the dating pool. Although she should probably start by making a friend or two, right?

Samuel ‘Cal’ Callaghan isn’t who she had envisioned as her first male friend in…well, forever. With an intimidating build, tattoos everywhere, eight years her senior, and a little sister under his care, he’s the last person she expected to warm up to. As their friendship evolves, Grace can’t help but wonder if Cal is exactly who she’s been looking for all this time.

Cal can’t afford to lose sight of his priorities—making sure his tattoo parlor thrives and taking care of his little sister. Especially the latter. He wants to make sure 4-year-old Maddie has a healthy and happy childhood, despite their mother going off the rails and her father’s blatant neglect. There’s certainly no room for love in his life right now. But when a sweet blonde with a veiled past breaks down his walls, he finds it difficult to stick to his guns.

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