Sharks's Edge Series Books 1-6

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Books 1-6 of the Shark's Edge Series
by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue
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This Bundle Includes: 

Shark's Edge (Book 1)
Shark's Pride 
(Book 2)
Shark's Rise (Book 3)
Grant's Heat (Book 4)
Grant's Flame (Book 5)
Grant's Blaze (Book 6)

Every great dream begins with a dreamer…

Sebastian Shark is on the verge of realizing his dream. The Edge—the most luxurious Los Angeles skyscraper ever conceived—will be his legacy, an icon to dominate LA’s skyline just as Shark dominates its boardrooms.

Self-made businesswoman Abbigail Gibson is on a trajectory toward massive success, but to get there, she must navigate the egos of her demanding clients—particularly the driven and obstinate Shark, who possesses the special talent of aggravating and arousing her within the same breath.

They are a collision of chemistry, but is their potent attraction toward each other worth losing sight of their ultimate goals? Taking a bite of passion has never carried more risk—or promised sweeter reward.

Fate has other ideas, however, as Sebastian is targeted by unknown enemies and Abbi is caught in the fray. Will the danger draw them closer or drive them apart?