Naughty Little Gift (Temptation Court Book 1)

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Book 1 of the Temptation Court Series
by Angel Payne

Please note the books are NOT signed by Angel Payne.
Every order includes a piece of swag as a little something extra! 

About the Story

Engineering genius, billionaire icon, and consultant to kings, the gorgeous Cassian Court is a legend before he even steps foot on the remote island of Arcadia. But when Mishella Santelle locks eyes with him, she doesn’t see that power―she sees the man behind it and the bruised soul hers has been destined for. But destiny isn’t a luxury for a woman of the Arcadian court.

When six months of Mishella’s life are bargained to Cassian in a multimillion-dollar contract, she must learn the rules of a more ruthless kingdom: New York City. In this glamorous jungle, paths are harder to discern, enemies are more cleverly camouflaged…and passions are impossible to ignore.

Mishella is increasingly drawn to the beautiful but bewildering Cassian. He connects to her soul, challenges her mind, and awakens her body in ways she’s never dreamed. But Mishella fears for her heart and doubts the ghosts from Cassian’s past will ever free him to return her love. Unless she can prove the impossible… That their love is worth fighting for.