Deadly Alchemy | Julie Morgan | Signed Luvbooks edition

Deadly Alchemy | Julie Morgan | Signed Luvbooks edition

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Alchemy promises the power over life and death…but, how do you choose who lives and who dies?

Amelia Rimos was never afraid of hard work. Her dedication pays off when she proves her critics wrong and discovers the most unthinkable, impossible thing: a cure for the Undead. Half the world hails her as a savior, but, the other half—the part that dwells in death and darkness—sees her as nothing more than an opportunity for target practice.

The naïve optimism that spurred Amelia to greatness has now become her weakness, especially when two men use it to their advantage to either win her heart…or tear her apart.

Can she unravel the riddles of her heart and save the world before she succumbs to their…Deadly Alchemy?