Temptation Court Bundle - 20% off!

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The Temptation Court Series
by Angel Payne
All three Temptation Court Novels for over 20% off. 

Please note the books are NOT signed by Angel Payne. Every order includes a piece of swag as a little something extra! 

Bundle includes:

Naughty Little Gift (Book 1), Pretty Perfect Toy (Book 2), &
Bold Beautiful Love (Book 3)
About the Story

Cassian Court is the powerful, beautiful, sensual man who has changed Mishella Santelle’s life with the world’s most unconventional business contract—and captured her heart with a destiny neither of them can deny. But passion comes with a price.

They’ve confronted demons, banished ghosts, faced fears, and dug to the deepest truths of their souls—but then fate delivers them a crushing new blow.
When crisis strikes the Mediterranean island of Arcadia, Mishella is summoned back home. Things go from difficult to devastating when Arcadian court politics rev into high gear, setting up Cassian as the Judas responsible for the island’s devastation, and giving Mishella an ultimatum: her country or her lover? The choice is as agonizing as the truths it both exposes and tests—putting Cassian and Mishella through their most brutal crucible yet.